Top of the range, high quality training and fight gear for yourself or your gym in combat sports such as Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and more


trust the process | embrace the chaos

trust the process   embrace the chaos

trust the process   embrace the chaos

trust the process embrace the chaos

Our Process

Our aim is to provide a fast and smooth experience while ensuring your brand gets the quality and design that you want.

Each step in the process is carefully managed by our team and ensures that nothing goes wrong.

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  • Design

    If you have a specific design in mind, we will put it on paper along with some variations for you and your team to decide. If you don't our team of designers will draft some designs and it's up to you which ones you choose.

  • Production

    With the designs finalized we will begin the production process upon payment and monitor it along the way to ensure standards are being met and no design issues arise.

  • Delivery

    Once production is complete, a final quality check will be done to ensure the gear is up to standard and ready to be shipped out to you.

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